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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Magazine Locations and Effects. Saturday, October 22, 2011, 11:04 AM Here is a. Americana Casino. Magazine (Drinking) -.Americana Bingo, McAllen, TX. 2,762 likes · 263 talking about this · 3,867 were here. Americana Bingo is a great place to meet and make friends and maybe.Monster Als je de code AGBDLCID typt dan krijg je een Monster. Als je dan de spatie indrukt en dan gaat rijden en je stuurt dan gaan de achter wielen mee sturen.Then, close the doors, and keep hitting him with a melee weapon until he has been defeated.Get rockets, and ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room.Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (20 points): Kill 53,596 zombies.

Blades (edged weapons last three times longer): Underground, north of the only save point underground.In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, you can collect the Gambling Magazines to greatly increase your odds at winning on the slot machines.Free Zombrex locations. Go to the stairs in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and turn right when going up the stairs to the second floor.

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending sequence.Go to the stairs in Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and turn right. The underground path overlaps the upper edge of the casino. The Zombrex is near.

Get the latest Dead Rising 2 cheats, codes. down see all to the PlayStation 3 cheats we have available for Dead Rising 2. Americana Casino,.The Waves Indoor Waterpark is located inside the Americana Resort,. Casino Niagara.Horror (25% PP boost for killing zombies): Ragazines (R212) on the second floor in Royal Flush Plaza.Blender Locations cheat for Dead Rising 2. Next. Unlock Dealer Outfit. (Americana Casino). When you search the following loc.Window Shopper (20 points): Enter all the stores in the game.Go to Ye Olde Toybox (R107) on the first floor in Royal Flush Plaza.

6.Go to the stairs in Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino and turn right when. Give Katey the Zombrex. the new combo weapons in Dead Rising 2.

Where do you get the 2nd Zombrex for free in Dead Rising 2 ChaCha Answer: The second free Zombrex is in the Americana Casino - Go to.THE DAILY POLL Should online video services update their harassment policies.Americana Casino: On the second floor of the BBQ restaurant, follow the right side at the fork. Jump on the balcony and over to the closest light then continue across.The locations and when to find all the free zombrex in the game. Americana Casino - Go to the second floor of the BBQ restaurant and take a right at the fork.Amusement (toy items last three times longer): Ultimate Playhouse (first floor in Palisades Mall - P103).

Dead Rising 2 is a third-person. He hides in the toilets of the Americana casino,. and the Xbox 360 version comes with the promotional Zombrex:Dead Rising.

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Search the indicated locations to find blenders to mix drinks.Case 3-2 - Dead Rising 2. Americana Casino, Slot Ranch Casino and the Yucatan Casino. Zombrex, Posters, and Combo Cards. Achievements / Trophies.