Takeshis castle roulette

They have to try and pick up this rabbit with their feet, and hold onto it until they reach a nest just in front of the finish platform.Finally they run backwards (so the mask is facing forwards) along a track to the finish line.

Single Roller: A big cylinder is laid on a metal track, above water.To help them through, Jo is standing on top of the maze to shout out directions.The children run through one side, with four doors, and the parents run through the other side, also with four doors.After breaking through, the contestants will end up falling in and getting slowed down.

Other What was the name of that Spike TV show that was dubbed over (hilariously)?. Takeshi's Castle. permalink;. Russian roulette (eng sub) +7 - It's amusing, a.Any contestants that manage to get all the way to the goal at the top of the hill, without being spotted moving, wins.Now, the contestant has to pick up a giant brush that has been dipped in paint.Once onto the second plank they must walk to the other end, wait for it to go under another row of hanging mats, go back to the opposite end again and, when it reaches the finish platform, jump off to win the game.Now mathematical questions are read out and the contestants have to find the correct answer to the sum.Bridge The Gap: There are two planks, both rotating anti-clockwise in the air.The track has lots of corners to make it more difficult to manoeuvre the platforms around it.Any contestants fortunate enough to remain on the platform win the game.

Once they reach this platform the contestants have to let go and land on it.In the middle of a pool are two small round platforms, a short distance from each other.They have to shoot this bat with a water pistol while riding the dinosaur.Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel. Book a Funtastic holiday for your Family, Couple and Friends in Los Cristianos Arona, Tenerife South.

Leap Frog: The contestant stands on a board at the top of a tall ramp, holding onto a handrail for balance.Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get.If a contestant manages to get all the way to the fortress at the top of the hill they win, and are through to the next game.Next, they ride it a bit further until they come to a platform.This is written in gold on a small box, and moves along at the back faster than any of the other prizes, making it a lot harder to hit.If they miss the rabbit, drop it, or miss the nest, they lose and get a face full of steam.

When the General blows his whistle, the contestant first has to run through a long pit of thick mud - pushing through hanging mats as they go.A few seconds after the whistle is blown a guard is released from a cage on the starting platform, and takes chase after the contestant.They must step up onto the platform where a guard (usually Youshichi dressed as Pocahontas) is waiting.

The balls are hidden all over the garden, some easier to find than others.

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Wet Paint: At the beginning of the game the General spins a wheel, which has ten (eight, the second time the game was played) different kanji characters on it.If they slip back down, the contestant can keep running back up until they have finished drawing or the time has run out.Each board has a number or mathematical sign on, so together all the boards make up a long sum.Big Bird: Dressed as a bird, the contestant is pulled along a wire in the air towards a platform opposite to the one they start on.If the contestant manages to stick on the wall, and stay there, they have won the next game.The bat only flies straight across the room and then back again once.

Using a trapeze on a long rope, the contestant has to swing over the lake, let go of the rope, and try to stick themselves onto the board.This time, once the contestants have climbed up, they have to grab a ball on their way down the other side.Results: 1, Nicky McEvoy,. Once through Loc Garman Cup and All Age Bitch Stake. 525 - Royal Lily, Takeshis Castle, Moneyhill Minx,.In the family special version the parent and child both run at the same time.