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Show module on chassis indicated that that status for FWSM was shutdown.EOS for Selective Cisco Catalyst 6503,Catalyst 6506 and Catalyst 6509 Chassis.

Also make sure you have opened the required protocols for this to work.DB:2.81:Enabling Multiple Context In Cisco 6500 And Moving Config From Admin Context zf.

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View George Abou Ghanem’s professional profile on LinkedIn. 6509, 3750-E & 3750-X Stackwise 4750, 2950,2960,. FWSM modules 4.Much of the FWSM info there can be applied directly to the ASA SM.You can place the primary and secondary FWSMs within the same switch or in two separate switches.

When I configure a second entry for this host: global (dmz1) 5 the traffic pass through without any problem.I have 2 interfaces configured named Internet (Security-Level 0) and Server(Security-Level 100).

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I have lightweight access-points (LAPs) on a subnet behind a redundant routed firewall context on an FWSM in a 6509.The context mode (single or multiple) is not stored in the configuration file, even though it does endure reboots.After sometime, I switched on the standby chassis the pings started to break again.Assuming your client Vlan is 1, your server Vlan is 2 and the Fault Tolerance Vlan is 3 then the FT config would be.

Chassis WS-C6509-E for Cisco Modular Switch Catalyst Switch 6500 Series Switches Catalyst 6500 Series Switch Chassis,, Stock, ≥ 48, 10/100/1000Mbps.Source from.I was able to enter the switch but could not find the FWSM module.The module was there until we tried upgrading the IOS of the MSFC.Because the join response is not received, the LAPs are continuously rebooting (being reachable during 20-30 seconds), but during this interval, I can ping them from the WLC.If ACE10 does need to be changed to ACE20 or ACE30, is there a method to upgrade it with a daughter card upgrade, or a new pair of ACEs needed.ASA 5580-40 outperforms FWSM but this is not true for other models.I have a strange problem with a FWSM on Catalyst 6509, this funny logging message keep generating on the FWSM.Normally Cisco is really good about having samples but they look a little light in this area.

Please find attached a pcap trace and tech supports from FWSM and 6509.It could well be a timeout issue eg. the server needs to do a DNS lookup but DNS is not allowed so the request must time out before the client can be serviced.My Inside Network device able to ping all outside network Device Via the Private WAN, and access to internet via outside network - internet gateway.I actually deleted the whole context and recreated it, but no help.If you have created a test context with no filtering and the app runs fine then it must be something to do with the filtering policies you are applying.

They wish to know if Security Context licenses from the FWSM can transfer to the 5585.DB:2.64:Integrating Vpn Spa On Router 7606 With Fwsm On Same Chassis fp.If I place the controller into a different slot in the chassis it works fine.They seemed to suggest that you could do it across (2) 6509 chassis.It is not very clear to me on what you are trying to achieve and it is very hard to tell without having more details.

When I place this access-list on the interface towards the FWSM, I see the same.I had run into a similar problem and resorted to 2 solutions.The problem is I cant get it to work properly and was wondering if there was anywhere where I could get some sample configurations.I brought it up manually after two or three retries from chassis CLI.Take a look at the logs on the router or if you have sys log set up, then take a look at that and see what error messages you see.